President Obama told soldiers today in Florida that he would not be sending them on the ground to defeat the serious threat by the Caliphate. This is the wrong decision, as we must sever their network of fear and intimidation at the spine, and for that to happen we need to get right into their face. Strength must be shown, as we have a responsibility to defeat terror and preserve freedom. This president must lead even if what must be done seems unpopular. We have no time left for indecisiveness.

Family is supposed to stand by you. They are meant to be there no matter how difficult times get, but sometimes they are just unable to understand those times. I was diagnosed with PTSD, severe anxiety and Asperger’s over two years ago, and those who stood by me these last ten years have made me feel not alone. Thank you so much for being there and loving me no matter what.

Our country is not being led by this detached president, and his mismatched priorities are causing us to be less secure both inside and outside our borders.

It is being reported that unlawful activity occurred within the Clinton state department regarding documents pertaining to the Benghazi attack. These allegations are serious and should not be ignored, as it has never been a secret about this regime and their mission to make this go away. If these reports are true, then those involved must be held criminally responsible for their acts.

With another innocent beheaded by radical Islamist extremists, the time is now for a full force ground war against these terrorists. We must show them that we will not tolerate their incivility and will do whatever must be done to put an end to their fear inducing actions upon those who embrace freedom. Freedom must defeat these inciters of fear before it is too unmanageable.

President Obama looked authentic and ready during his national address two days ago. He seemed prepared to take on the difficult but necessary task in defeating those who use fear as a weapon. While our president has no problem with words, he must show he can act as well as he can talk. America requires a leader who will do what must be done to keep us safe and secure.

Thirteen years. Thirteen years has passed since the country we love was the victim of cowardly actions. Those attacks never once deterred our resolve, and we are as strong now as we were before that day, and we will only get stronger. Freedom outweighs fear, and together we will defeat those who incite that fear. We will never falter.

Our fellow Americans were attacked by a faceless coward, but their fear did not deter the resolve of the American people. And our hunt for these users of fear is not yet over, and we will continue treading forward until they all are found and held accountable for these terrible actions. Anyone who threatens freedom better be warned: We are coming, your days are numbered and freedom will win.

There will never be a day where the American people will ever forget the horrible attack that shook our nation thirteen years ago. We will never forget all those who died that day, some working in their offices and others running into the flames to save them. This day will forever be etched into our minds as a terrible memory, but we must never forget the strength that came afterwards. America is strong, and freedom will always prevail over fear.


President Obama tonight seemed authentic and ready. His tough words against these terrorists rise new hope in our efforts to preserve freedom here and around the world from being intimidated by fear. This president also laid down the law, saying that they would find “no safe haven” if they choose to threaten the United States and the American people. His expressed leadership shows promise.

I do disagree with something he also mentioned. America is not safer since the attacks against our homeland thirteen years ago. Just because our intelligence community suggests no certain threat exists, that does not clarify that we are not in danger. There will always be enemies out there that are ready to strike, but these efforts in the coming days can help shape a much safer existence not only for us, but for everyone who values freedom. Freedom will always prevail over fear. 

The caliphate must be severed at the spine. Their people and network and financial capabilities must be eliminated without mercy. We cannot miss this opportunity to diminish their existence, and to solidify that those who stand up against them are willing to do whatever it takes. I commend President Obama for finally taking a stand against terror, and I hope that in the days and weeks to come we have finally demonstrated justice. I stand with our president in this accomplishable mission.

Some will use this address to attack our president. They will say he is only seeming tough - and a little too late - to save his faltered presidency. There comes a time where political differences must be laid to rest, and this is one of those times. Americans must rally against these terrorists as a nation united, and not as a nation divided. Our focus must be to preserve freedom, not to attack the president.