There may be some difficult climbs here in America today, but if we stand together we can and will overcome those relentless obstacles. We can never tire, never falter, and if we remain committed to working to better our nation we shall not fail.

Referring to the American people as domestic terrorists when they rally around freedom is abhorrent to everything I believe in. Senator Reid should be ashamed of his words. If any individual or group should be called a domestic terrorist, it should be Harry Reid and the Democrats for working to catastrophically weaken America.

I love this country, the people and the freedom. Nothing is more important, more appreciated, than being a part of something so great and so meaningful. God, bless and please protect the America I love, my fellow citizens and the freedoms we cherish.

As we remember the terrible acts that shook Boston, we must never forget that no matter what, the American people are strong. Nothing will ever shake the foundation of our resolve as a nation and freedom will always prevail over fear.

Vladimir Putin is more interested in ravaging freedom and independence than he is with initiating peace and resolution.

If the Russians make the mistake and invade Eastern Ukraine, their actions must be met with swift consequences. This overstep by Putin must be impeded and freedom defended. An attack on Ukraine would be an attack on all who embrace freedom and independence.

Liberals will do and say just about anything to defend the outrageous actions of this terrible administration. Nothing that goes on under their leaderlessness is wrongdoing. But if a different party was in the hot seat, their actions and tunes would be much different. I’m getting tired of this predictable lack of decency.

Terror against our nation will not stand. We must work like never before to put a permanent lock on these evil deeds. No matter how we do this, justice must be done. Civilization and freedom must be defended and preserved.

The time is now. Americans must ask themselves this question: Do I want an uncertain future today or a stronger America tomorrow?

Democrats have a terrifyingly difficult election ahead. For the last five years they have vigorously worked to weaken the country we love and relinquish the freedoms we cherish. Their devilish record speaks for itself, and the time has come for Conservatives to take the reigns, heal our wounds and make America great again.