The terror group ISIS and their supporters must be eradicated. Their constant and inhumane disregard for freedom and human life must not be allowed to continue. America and her allies must react with nothing but force to make sure these evildoers are not responsible for more terrible actions.

I am being called a racist because I believe our president is not doing anything to secure our border. I am being called a racist because I believe those here illegally should not be allowed to remain. If standing up for the country I love is racist, then the support of this inexcusable invasion should then be considered an act of treason.

Deflecting is most definitely the only thing Liberals can do without absolute failure.


If you find yourself stuck at the crossroads of a major decision… and you’re contemplating which one is the “healthy” option… then consider this: there are rarely any absolutes in life. Having said that, the dichotomy of healthy/unhealthy with regards to decision making, is relative to one’s…


There is nothing worse than seeing one of our greatest friends, and our only true friend in the Middle East, being attacked each day and night by those who are committed to their total destruction. These evil people care not about freedom and do not have a heart that beats the same blood ours does. They do not hold any value for human life and therefore do not deserve the mercy they are receiving.

When friends are in danger, it is usually customary for their allies to stand up for them and up to those doing them wrong. Americans should be sending over troops and weapons and doing everything possible to defend Israel and her people. If it were possible, I would be there right this moment standing alongside the Israeli soldiers in the dust and rubble fighting my heart out, getting back at those who are causing them wrongful harm. These are true words, because friends stand with friends no matter what. And right now our friend needs their friend.

I plead with President Obama and Secretary Kerry to do what is right. Talking is not going to stop the invaders, only swift and punitive action will defend the Israeli people and the land that is rightfully theirs. Send troops and weapons, and defend them like our own very lives depend on it. Theirs depends on our support and willpower, and I believe we have a sacred duty to defend these great people and the country they love. More time cannot be wasted doing absolutely nothing.

America must act, because nobody else is going to. I can say that if I were the American President, I would go to Israel right this moment and stand alongside Prime Minister Netanyahu and tell Hamas and all other enemies of Israel that an attack upon them is an attack on America. What would we do if the Chinese or Russians were firing rockets at American cities? We must think about that and then do what is right. Standing idly by is not the answer and help must be on the way right now and without delay because it is the right and only thing to do.

Freedom is well worth the fight. No individual, group or nation will ever prevent us from defending and fighting for what we believe in. We will always stand tall and never will we give up, give in or lose this fight.

I believe the Russians had a hand in the downing of the civilian aircraft that went down in Ukraine. This all requires common sense, something our own president severely lacks. The murdering of innocent civilians should not go ignored and unpunished. All countries that had their own people on this plane should be quick to consider this as a negligent act of aggression.

If I were the American President I would be doing whatever must be done to defend our friends in Israel. I would go to Israel right this moment and stand alongside Prime Minister Netanyahu and announce to the Arab World that an attack on Israel is an attack on America, and that their disregard for human life and freedom will not stand.

During the last election Mitt Romney was right. He predicted but was dismissed by the Left that more disarray would result if Barack Obama was reelected. We are not better off than we were over five years ago.

This president is only interested in photogenic postures when they make him look good, or so he thinks. We need a leader, not an actor. The time is now for Barack Obama to do what was once promised and secure our border. He must also start taking a stand alongside our friends in Israel when they need us most. And most importantly, President Obama must stop leading from behind and take a stand on the most serious issues we face today because waiting until tomorrow could be too late.