I have often thought of myself as a staunch conservative.  However, over the past five weeks I have come to realize, thanks to a solid majority of the conservative chattering class and their vitriol against Newt Gingrich, that I am, per Glenn Beck, a “closet Progressive”; per Ann Coulter, “not a real conservative”; per George Will, “a Marxist”; and per National Review, and numerous other so-called conservative publications, “unfit to represent the conservative movement.”

If I have to be a Marxist, a Fake Conservative, or even a racist for supporting a Real Conservative like Newt Gingrich, then so be it. Absolutely no one will ever make my decision for me, no matter what kind of horrid and childish words they throw my way. Newt is the only candidate that can and will make our America great again, and he harbors the experience and solutions to do just that.

- Daniel Bruski

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