Signing Off: Glenn Beck Leaves Fox News

Tonight (4PM CDT) was the last of Glenn Beck on Fox News. He has decided to part ways with the news conglomerate in favor of partaking on a new adventure where he can bring the news to our homes and neighborhoods.

Glenn Beck was the most brilliant fixture at Fox News. He never lied and never told us only what we wanted to hear - he told us the ultimate truth and nothing but the truth. He absolutely never went with bogus stories or allowed the Liberal Media the opportunity to lure him into a corner. He was always strong but caring.

I will miss seeing him every evening. Hearing “Goodnight, America” for the last time is pretty saddening, but he isn’t gone: he’s reloading.

Good luck, Glenn. Thank you for everything and everything you still will do.

Please make sure you visit Glenn at his new home.

- Daniel Bruski

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